Co-Inventa works 7 research lines


New materials development and design

This line seeks to optimize the properties of existing materials and create new ones according to the market needs and demand.

Analysis and prediction of shelf life in packaged foods

The projects of this line seek to create active materials that preserve and extend the shelf life of the food products. In this line are located all the projects that involve analysis and prediction of shelf life in processed food, and how this can be affected by its packaging.

Safety Packaging and food

This line seeks to ensure that the packaging has the characteristics and qualities to be in contact with food. The goal is that companies start knowing the appropriate materials and packaging conditions for ensure the food safety by the Co-Inventa advising. This, in order to improve their offer and quality standards in accordance with the local and international industry needs.

New packaging systems applications

This line seeks to develop and optimize packaging systems, to develop packaging products with better quality, longer shelf life, new products with added value, and that preserve food in a better way, maintaining their quality and conditions


Active packages development

Active packages are those that help maintain the conditions of the packaged product, both those organoleptic, as its safety and shelf life. Active agents are incorporated to these types of packaging to control parameters that can, among other factors, influence the quality of the product, avoid the appearance of unwanted characteristics such as the maturation of fruits, or prevent the growth of microorganisms that could affect the quality of the product.

Smart packaging development

This line of research seeks to develop and apply packaging that interacts with the entire production chain, either by monitoring its status, informing about its use, content or quality, and improving the safety and the product convenience.  Also, this line of research seeks to develop user-friendly packaging, so that the user can interact and find the information they need in efficient way.



It´s a transversal line of research, related to developing sustainable materials and packaging, either due to decrease the use of certain materials, or to find new materials with equal benefits to existing ones, but more ecofriendly, recyclable or biodegradable. In addition, it seeks to work with packaging food companies, for the new requirements of the “Extended Producer Responsibility” Chilean Law (REP in Spanish) (Law 20,920).

In this line, we are opening the first Biodegradability, Compostability and Ecotoxicity laboratory in Chile, which will allow companies to validate that their materials and packaging are Biodegradable, Compostable and comply with international standards of biodegradability.