Co Inventa was born in December 2016 as part of the “Transforma Program”, one of the strategic programs of the Roadmap of the Government of Chile, promoted by the Ministry of Economy through Corfo.

The project, which was presented in October 2016 and was approved by Corfo in December of the same year, seeks to reduce technological gaps in the industry and generate solutions, taking into account the real needs of the food packaging market.

Co Inventa is developed in the Chilean context, where the food industry has the challenge of advancing in the quality assurance, the extension of the useful life and the guarantee of the safety of the products that are transferred during the export processes.

Once formally constituted, Co-Inventa began operating as a platform for innovation and development led by the Universidad de Santiago de Chile, along with other institutions that have research experience in the packaging industry in Chile and abroad.

Its management model seeks to link and generate synergy between the business and academic sectors. Research and solutions are created according to the real needs of the market.

The program is 70% funded by Corfo and considers a five-year execution period. The project aims to improve the quality standard for export processes, in addition to placing Chile as a leader in innovation and development of food packaging.